Dog Walking

Exercise makes a happy, healthy dog!

At Taylor Made your dog will benefit from walks,off lead if required,in only rural locations around Kendal as well as on our private land, where both us and your dog can relax. He/she will enjoy the large open fields, woodland trails and of course the rivers for the swimmers out there.We always pick up and drop off in and around Kendal.


Our group walks consist of approx 4 dogs, this ensures we have full control and are able to have a safe walk. All of our weekly dogs are whistle trained and we take weekly photos for you to see on our social media accounts.

Walks are offered in hour long slots although we have been known to run over! We walk in all conditions.If your dog is being returned to an empty house, a treat will be left for him to enjoy while he waits for you to return.

We always require a consultation with you and your dog before we begin walking. This consists of a meeting with you to get to know each other and to fill out some forms.


1 Hour Group

 £10              £18

1 Dog            2 Dogs

Prices include VAT