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Brodie Taylor BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Brodie can help with a long list of training and behaviour problems, by helping you understand and communicate with your dog by using body language, modern science based techniques and balanced training, she will establish a training plan that looks at your dogs daily routine and lifestyle as a whole. 

Brodie strives to fix the route cause of the behavioural problem rather than just minimizing the symptoms and providing a 'quick fix' your part as the owner is vital in your dogs rehabilitation and she will support you every step of the way. 

After an initial phone conversation your consultation will be arranged and you will be sent a questionnaire on your dogs behaviour, daily routines and past. Once Brodie has your dogs background you will start a three-session program that is spread over a eight week period. The first consultation will last approximately two/three hours. The consultation is carried out in or around the dog’s environment. During this time, Brodie will gain an understanding of what is causing the problem, carry out a detailed behaviour and training assessment and will then put together a tailored program to improve the dogs behavioural issues. During her visit, Brodie will show you how to carry out all aspects of the program. All consultations will be backed up by a written report which is emailed or posted to the client within a couple of days of the initial visit.

The follow-up visits are arranged four weeks apart from each other  this is a follow-up visit and enables Brodie to re-assess the program, progress, any behaviour training that is required and advice for future and continued training.





-level 4 extended diploma in advanced canine behaviour (BCCS)

-canine body language (IMDT)

-perfect puppy (IMDT)

-communication, arousal & problematic behaviour (Craig Ogilvie) 


-canine principles 3 day seminar

-naughty but nice (absolute dogs)

-leash off, game on (absolute dogs)

-boundary games (absolute dogs)

-Level 3 animal management diploma

-4 days sirius dog training academy (dr. ian dunbar)


-dog-dog reactivity webinar  (dr. ian dunbar)

-super charge your Separation anxiety (jo rosie) 

-FEAR (Socs)

-30 days of canine science (socs)

Currently enrolled on:

-Puppy lab  (socs) 

Practical experience:

-experienced IN A wide RANGE OF PROBLEMS WITH CASE STUDIES & 5 star reviews

-shadowed and worked alongside well known behaviorists

-extensive practical knowledge from working hands on with dogs daily since 2013 as the owner of a multi award winning daycare center 

-owns aN american akita, CANE CORSO aND deaf rescue french bulldog, who is now trained with sign language.



 BEHAVIOURAL consult, 

      follow up & plan        


1 HOUR Training + PLAN


3 session training package


*Prices include VAT


"Brodie came round to help with our one year old springer spaniel’s separation anxiety, she suggested crate training and took Reggie from bending very timid around it to sleeping in it for 1/2 an hour! She works absolute wonders and has been so helpful!

100% would recommend to anyone!"

"In just a few weeks we’ve seen a huge improvement in his behaviour at home which we have been able to build on & continue his training. He is more settled and we’ve noticed he’s much less fazed by dogs that approach him when we’re out & about"

"Brodies worked tirelessly to instill confidence into our fear-driven reactive German Shepherd. Otis the Renegade lol is now growing into himself with her help and is becoming the dog he was always meant to be. Brodie has responded with house calls and support sessions when we were at our wits end with him. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of where your dog is at and how to move forward. Myself and my partner (and Otis) would highly recommend them."

"I cannot recommend Brodie enough, her knowledge is brilliant and her training is as my son said "magic" within a couple of hours my noisy, attention craver cocker spaniel pup was obeying and listening to commands. We still have a way to go but her help and advice has been amazing and I can't thank her enough for her amazing work. Today has been fab! If you need help with anything Brodies is you woman."

"Brodie helped us with our reactive and anxious cockapoo. We’d got to a point we were ready to give up, thinking we weren’t good dog parents. We wanted a dog we could enjoy, we started to avoid taking him anywhere and we knew he was miserable.

A few early life incidents had affected his behaviour, then our body language and leadership was making it worse.
Brodie visited and listened to every element of our lives and observed us with him, because it all matters! So much attention to detail.

We now know how to spot early signals and interrupt the reaction. He’s so clever he now sees a trigger and looks excitedly for a treat!

We got such practical and real life advice we saw changes in just a few days. In our training session we actually went to greet another dog and gave it a treat! We can now go past runners and bikes etc and control him :)

Can’t wait to keep seeing him getting happier and more settled... and perfecting his behaviour.

Just wish we’d consulted Brodie earlier, really changed our lives. Thank you!"

"Maisie is my 11 year old working cocker spaniel who has a gentle nature but unfortunately had learnt behaviour of barking at other dogs on walks. This had been learnt from her mum who barked at other dogs to 'protect' her when a young puppy. Her mum stop barking as she grew bigger but Maisie carried on- she was frightened of other dogs.This barking could sometimes sound quite nasty and made walking her quite challenging. We tried our own methods of changing her behaviour with some improvement but it was not enough. Last year we decided to have a new puppy and one of the main reasons was for a doggy companion for Maisie but we did not want the puppy to pick up this barking behaviour from Maisie.

This was the point we contacted Brodie. From the start I asked Brodie if Maisie could change at the age of 11. Was it too late? Brodie assessed Maisie and the family very thoroughly with a written and verbal assessment and then observation on a walk. She then gave feedback that she thought it more likely that she could improve but could not give 100% guarantee. This was encouraging enough to start. Brodue gave us a clear plan to work with which involved the whole family. Consistency was the key! Brodie also gave Maisie sessions at her centre which gradually introduced her to other dogs of different sizes and temperaments to work with.

This was over a 3 month period.

The outcome is Maisie has stopped barking at other dogs, the puppy is now 6 months old and very well behaved on walks and has not picked up any bad habits from Maisie. All the family have walked them over the Christmas period in different locations- on Lakeland fells to Kendal town centre. All given positive feedback.

Brodie helped me to work out what needed to change and she did this in a professional way."

Brodie taught us how to recall Reggie who is so easily distracted when out in the field. he loves people, dogs and balls but with the technique Brodie showed us he comes back every time (almost 🤣). he is so much better.

"We have a beautiful rescue Staffie called Jim. He was 6 and a half when he came to us and he was absolutely perfect. However, towards the end of the first year of having him, he began to react towards Boxer dogs. After a while, he began to dislike German Shepherds and as time progressed the list of breeds seemed to get longer and longer. We couldn’t work out what we had done differently and were convinced we must be doing something damaging to our poor boy. Brodie worked with us and Jim to pin point the problem and work towards helping him in small steps. She gathered a raft of information before even meeting with Jim and each bit of training we have been given was a small step towards the main target of allowing Jim to happily interact with other dogs again. We are so grateful to Brodie for helping us and Jim and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their pooch."