awarded The best doggy daycare in cumbria 2018-2020


Why Choose Us? 

Industry leading

We are an award winning daycare centre

and have set the benchmark in how your dog should be stimulated and cared for in a doggy daycare environment. 

Strict entrance criteria

 Strict entrance criteria, and only accept friendly, social dogs, that have at least one fixed day per week. This ensures that we can build a bond with your dog and that your dog will be familiar and friendly with their pals and their carers.

A range of services

Doggy daycare

Dog walking,

Luxury home boarding

Dog training

Behavioral Modification

Controlled Environment  

We create a positive environment that helps to build confidence and learn manners.

Fantastic Facilities 

Our centre is set in 4 acres of secure fields surrounded by lovely countryside. In and outdoor facilities with heated cabin, large indoor exercise area, comfortable beds, ball pools, tunnels, paddling pools, agility equipment and more...

Qualified Staff

We have an onsite dog behaviourist and our staff hold a range of dog related qualifications along with years of experience.

A Daycare Like No Other

We don't just walk around a field..


 Structured day

Including daily walks, training, socialization, enrichment activities, toy and nap time

Enrichment Area

Engages all the senses making the dogs focus on the activity at hand, having an overall calming effect

Woodland walks

Teaches dogs to be calm around one another and focus on the handler

Agility Equipment

Builds a bond between handler and dog, teaching  to engage brain and learn new skills

Basic Training

Teaching dogs to listen to handler.  Basic training makes for a well rounded dog

License from the SLDC (DDC039372)